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There are many people in Africa that currently draw their water from disease contaminated intermittent streams and rivers. The consumption of this water results in a variety of water borne diseases which the children and elderly have difficulty surviving. In fact, eighty percent of sickness and death among children in the developing world is caused by contaminated drinking water, not the lack of food or medicine. According to the World Health Organization, a child dies from diseases related to contaminated drinking water every 8 seconds.

Once water wells are drilled and clean water is available, the people are able to regain their health. Better health results in more productive time in the fields. The increased water supply also provides water for drip irrigation, resulting in increased field production yields. The surplus crop can be sold to local markets providing much needed income to the village, eventually leading to financial independence.

In addition, women and children are no longer be required to spend hours each day searching for and carrying water over extremely long distances. UN studies have found that the closer girls live to a water source, the more often they attend school. In Tanzania, when girls live within 15 minutes from a water source, their school attendance was 12 per cent higher.

While the causes of poverty are complex, every initiative taken to solve one problem leads to solutions of other problems.


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