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We would love to have you join us for one (or all!) of our upcoming Art Walks! This year, our Art Walks will be held on August 18, 2016 at Stephen Avenue (8th Avenue) downtown Calgary. The Calgary Art Walk is a great opportunity to get more exposure, connect with the community and sell your works.


Q. Why should I participate in one of the Art Walks?
A. You can sell your art! Being at the Art Walk allows people to see your art work up close. You get to personally interact with people which adds value to your art. People get to experience the energy of your art. You can get feedback. You can establish a customer base. Test your marketing plan. Network with other artists - get tips, advice and encouragement. Build relationships with people. Develop cash flow. Plus -- your entrance fees go to charities working with those living in extreme poverty!

Q. Where do you want the application sent to?

A. Email it to

Q. I am interested in applying for artwalk but was wondering what people do in the event of rain?

A. This is a rain or shine event. You may be interested in having a tent available to use.

Q. What kind of artists are you looking for?
A. All kinds! All types of painters, sculptors, digital artists, photographers, fibre artists, glass artists, designers, sketch artists and more! Some artists are beginners having never participated in a public event and some are professionals who have been working for 25 years. The only artists we can't welcome are artists bringing jewellery.

Q. How long have you hosted this event?
A. We started our Art Walks in 2009 and we've hosted them each summer since.

Q. Can you tell me how close I could get my vehicle in order to unload?
A. With a $26.25 tax included Vehicle Access Pass, you can drive right on to Stephen Ave. in order to unload your vehicle. You can also drive on Stephen Ave. to load everything up at the end.

Q. I am interested in these events; but if I suddenly have a commitment on that day, could I let my friend use my spot?
A. Yes, that would be fine. Just keep us updated on who will be in that spot if it's not you.

Q. Do you provide market tents, tables and chairs for the artists?
A. No. We supply the space, and you bring the easels, tables, tents etc... We do however have 10' x 10' tents and 6' long tables available for artists to rent for the day (limited availability). The tents are $35 and the tables are $10. No chairs available.

Q. Do you need any more volunteers?
A. Yes, we need 5-6 more volunteers for each of the Art Walks. If interested, here is our Volunteer Application.

Q. I can't attend, but can I donate something?
A. Yes! Just send us an email by clicking here.

Q. Can you please tell me what the deadline is to register for the Art Walk?
A. We would like to have all artists registered by June to the Art Walk they are participating in.

Q. Why a Thursday for the Calgary Art Walk?
A. Calgary has become known for its 'First Thursdays' focus on art AND during the week, Stephen Avenue has thousands of people on it!

Q. What did participating artists have to say about previous Art Walks?

"The Art Walk yesterday was great!! I met so many people and made a ton of contacts. The weather was perfect and the amount of people that walked down Stephen Ave was perfect for business. I also wanted to say thank-you for providing the debit and credit option for customers. It really made it convenient for everybody!" C. R.

"The crowd was exactly what I was hoping it would be. I have been wanting to get more into corporate sales, and this is the perfect place to be meeting up with the right people. I sold a big that says to me that this is a show I definitely want to keep coming to. There was much serious interest from others as well." W. W.

"I thoroughly enjoyed my first Art Walk as an artist. The weather was sunny, the people were friendly and the event was well organized! It is a great event!
I look forward to the August Art Walk!!!" J. P.

"It was a great experience for me to be out in an open venue with my art. I would recommend it to other artists...I think an open art venue in the heart of downtown brings a lot of beauty to the city, so bless you for bringing that to Calgary." J. S.

"I thought it was a great event - it was a lot of fun, great exposure...I was happy to have access to the credit card and interac payment options.  I utilized the machine for both of my sales.  Overall, I think it was a well run, well organized event." B. B.

"Thanks for letting me in on this one! I think the artwalk went really well and I'm looking forward to August's." M. B.

"Thank you for the opportunity to show my work yesterday. You are very well organized, and I appreciate all your hard work!" S. W.

"We would definitely recommend the Art Walk to other artists.  It is a great way of meeting new people, being inspired, and enjoying an awesome day...We felt that there was a real sense of community among the artists and it was great knowing that it was all for a good cause." B. S.

"It was a good location...I sold an original with a couple cards and bookmarks. That made my day." J. D.

"I would definitely recommend the Art Walk to other artists." L. G.

"I thought it was fantastic because it gave all of the artists a lot of exposure."
L. V.

"I really enjoyed the experience." N. M.

"This was my first exposure to the Art Walk and I really enjoyed it. That part of the mall is good traffic." W. U.

"The location was great! There was a lot of interested people walking and checking out the art. I had a great time. I would definitely recommend the Art Walk to other artists." K. C.

"It was the best location in the downtown to hold this kind of event. The whole day was interesting." L. S.

"The location was very good for people traffic. I enjoyed the experience, my feedback was positive and it was exposure for me. I would come back to your walk next year and recommend it to my artist friends." G. S.

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