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  • Change lives through art.
  • Give hope through art.
  • To create opportunities for those living in poverty to change their own lives.
  • To realize the full potential of artists around the globe thereby creating opportunity for themselves and others.


To build and enhance a sense of community among artists through mentorship, training, and providing local opportunities to develop their art skills in order to become more self-sustainable. 

Canadian artists for the poor is a non-profit organization whose main objective is to fundraise. We host a variety of events, including the Calgary Art Walk, which allows artists to sell their art, our organization to give to charities working with those living in extreme poverty, and the public to enjoy fine art.

We want to see more artists successful and happy in their work by encouraging them, giving them opportunities and also key information that will benefit their business. The Art Walks allow artists to be in front of many new faces, allows them to sharpen their sales skills and sell more art. We also host educational sessions which help artists gain practical skills necessary for business. Other opportunities for artists across Canada are on our For Artists page. Our Participating Artists page lists artists who have either donated an item or participated in a campaign or event of ours. Please support these artists!

We are motivated to give. We want to also encourage the many charities that are working to bring help, hope and relief to those living in extreme poverty. The people living in extreme poverty are just like you and I, yet live with a great amount of pain. Our giving can make a difference in their lives!

The art lover and buyer also plays a key role in this cycle. They come to the events, enjoy the art and ultimately take home a beautiful piece of artwork. We are grateful when they show up, chat with the artists, and buy the art.

It's a win-win-win situation.
Artists get to sell their art.
Charities get supported.
Art lovers buy art they love.


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